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Real Estate

Selling Your House or Real Estate

Auction day is a golden opportunity to have an open house to show off and possibly sell your home.  Allow us to coordinate with your realtor and have him or her present on auction day.  We will introduce your realtor, and direct potential buyers to him or her.  On auction day we average 100 registered bidders; many of these bidders usually bring a friend or two.  We also have people who drive by the auction site, see the signage, stop in, and look around. If the home is listed for sale, they have the opportunity to pick up information on the home as well as meet the realtor and ask questions.  The result is an open house which draws a couple hundred people and, with the high energy of the auction taking place, creates an interest in your home that is unmatched.

We are also licensed realtors authorized to sell real estate in Arizona.  We can offer your property for sale through the auction method of marketing.  Selling in this format allows us to create an aggressive marketing and advertising strategy to sell the contents of the home and the real property combined into one high energy event. 

Even if you have your home already listed with a realtor, we can still coordinate with him or her to create a successful “open house” event and increase exposure to your home.  If you are in the process of interviewing realtors, we can be of assistance in this capacity as well.  Please Contact Us to schedule a free consultation.